Loyalty Rewards Program

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We offer rewards, discounts and many benefits to our members. Sign up today and see what offers you can receive just by signing up. We value our members and reward them with our BSO Rewards program, gifts, free samples, and much, much more!!

“For Every $1 Spent, You Earn 1 Point”

How does it work?

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1:Earn Points

Points are earned automatically based on the product price and site activity.  These points are accumulated and stored in your account until you decide to redeem them for site purchases.

2: Calculate Points

Every $1 spent, earns you 1 point. Every 40 points are redeemable for $2 off of your site purchases. On the ”My Account” page, you’ll see how many points you’ve accumulated so far.

3: Redeem Points

At checkout, you will be prompted to apply your points to your cart total. Once you’ve entered the number of points you would like to apply, your checkout total will reflect the discount.

Rewards Points Chart

Here is the list of our Rewards Points and the different ways you can earn by being an active member.


New Customer = (800pts = $16)

Refer a Friend = (1000pts = $20)

Blog Comment = (200pts = $4)

Product Review = (200pts = $4)


General Guide on Reward System

Have questions about our  Reward Program? Here is a quick guide on how it all works.

Simply register now and you will be guided. Once you register to become a member, then you are automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program