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Order Buphederone-powder online is a research chemical belonging to the Substituted phenethylamine family of drugs having a stimulant response on the functioning of the human brain. Also, Buphederone was first discovered in 1928 and it has found various applications in the field of forensic science and mass spectrometry. In addition, the use of the drug for human consumption is controlled all over the world whereas it is available for legal use in the field of science. Despite the fact that it is controlled for human consumption, the use of the drug is on the rise due to the wide-ranging stimulant effects produced by it. Order Buphederone-powder online.

What is the Buphedrone drug?

Buphedrone is also known as α-methylamino-butyrophenone. Moreover, it is a stimulant drug belonging to Substituted phenethylamine and cathinone family of drugs. Furthermore, it is also related in nature to amphetamine class of drugs as both of them are stimulant drugs. Buphedrone usually exists in the form of power or crystals while the common mode of administration is through vaporization, oral. Injection and rectal. The chemical formula of the drug is “2-(methylamino)-1-phenylbutan-1-one” while the molecular formula of the drug is “C11H15NO”. The molecular weight of the drug is 177.242 g/mol.

The recommended storage temperature for Buphedrone is room temperature and it is recommended to keep it in cold atmosphere.

Types of Buphedrone

Buphedrone exists in the form of crystal and powder. It is known to be an analog of the phenethylamine and naturally occurring cathinone substance. It is also related to methamphetamine having a structural difference.

Street and chemical names of Buphedrone

The scientific name for Buphedrone is “α-methylamino-butyrophenone (MABP)” whereas another name of it is Phenylacetoethyl-methylamine. It is also available in street under a various alias as its consumption for recreational purposes is prohibited by the law.

Uses of Buphedrone

Buphedrone is a common research chemical which is the major application of the drug. It is used by the forensic scientists for research purposes as well as in forensic applications. The other use of the drug is owing to its stimulant nature. It is used by people who have to undergo strenuous physical activity as well as a sexual enhancement drug. It is also used as a performance enhancement drug through its use for human consumption is not supported by the law.

Since it produces feelings of euphoria, social energy and motivation it is prescribed for the patients dealing with depression and anxiety.

Dosage and overdose of Buphedrone

A light dose of Buphedrone is around 30 – 50 mg while a commonly administered dose of the drug is 50 – 80 mg. Any dose above 80 mg is considered to be an overdose which is expected to cause complications for the users. It is recommended to use the drug on the advice of the doctor.

Effects of Buphedrone

The effects of Buphedrone include both physical and cognitive effects. Some of the common effects of the drug are feelings of motivation and energy, insomnia and restlessness, increased blood pressure and heart rate, increased sexual activity, erectile dysfunction and pupil dilation. The side effects of the drug can become fatal for the user in case of a severe overdose of the drug.

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